The Shine Sensory Garden

The Shine Sensory Garden has been designed by renowned Garden Designer Domonick Cullinane and will become a place where the children can learn, overcome their sensory challenges, work on their gross and fine motor skills, have fun or just have some quiet time. Each element of the garden has a specific purpose and addresses one of the sensory challenges faced by the children. The purpose of the Sensory Garden is to create a safe and fun place to play while working on sensory integration, anxiety issues, challenging behaviours, physical activity to developing muscle tone, fine and gross motor skills, coordination, balance and a quiet place away from the demands of the classroom.

“This project was a challenge for me as I learned about autism and the elements required in this unique garden design. I wanted to maximise the space and design to give the children all of the elements required to assist in their development while also making it a bright and vibrant space for the children where they can explore and have fun.”

Dominick Cullinane Garden Designer.

Download the full brouchure here.