Dominic opens new plant nursery

We are delighted to announce the opening our our new nursery on Curraghbeg Farm. Curraghbeg Farm Nursery is your one stop shop for all your planting needs. This farm site has been converted into a state of the art nursery housing some 50,000 shrubs, trees, herbaceous perennials and grasses. Along with the vast array of plants, we also design and build a range of garden products including planter boxes of all shapes and sizes, trellises, loggias, arbors and gazebos. All can be custom fit to suit your particular garden.

Tea and coffee and cake are always at hand as you browse by yourself or have Dominick give you a tour of the nursery, helping you to pick the most appropiate plants and accessories for your garden.

You can also take the opportunity to view some of our previous designs and photos of gardens we have built over the years for inspiration.

If you wish to have Dominick assist you in selecting a range of plants, click here to make an appointment or ring Dominick on 085 782 0736.